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Why do viruses exist?

Why do viruses exist?

Why do viruses exist? The short answer – because there are living organisms that can be infected by them. But the topic is far more complicated than that. Perhaps viruses are the most aggressive genetic tool that the nature of our planet has provided for the needs of “evolution” – a process with an unclear […]

Cooperation between Enzolytics Inc, and Rosetta Lifecare Bulgaria in advanced phase

Enzoimmune Active Spray and Drops

We welcome the plans of Enzolytics, Inc. to introduce to the U.S. market its immunomodulator identified by the trademark “Enzolytics IPF Immune.” Because the Enzolytics product is similar in composition to the immunomodulator offered by Rosetta under the trademark “Enzoimmune Active”, and in order to avoid future misunderstandings or speculation, we consider it necessary to […]