special disclaimer

Our product involves special biological material that is related to porcine. If your religious belief prohibits usage of such products, please do not make an order request.

Disclaimer: Enzoimmune Active is not registered in the United States, Canada and UK and is not yet available in retail chains. You can place an order request for this product here only as a limited private delivery, for your personal use and at your own responsibilty. You can use this form to send us a request for delivering Enzoimmune Active products to the US, Canada or UK. After submitting the form to us we will contact you by email to confirm and take your order to our delivery center.

Enzoimmune Active is available in the form of oral spray. To have Enzoimmune Active shipped to your location – we need to know the details from the form below. But before completing the order request form, let us look at some explanation about Enzoimmune Active. The active ingredient in Enzoimmune Active is IPF (Inactivated Pepsin Fragment): IPF concentration is 4.5 mg/ml. Enzoimmune Active Oral Spray: containing 50 ml in one bottle, recommended daily dosage: 3ml (3 x 8 or 9 spray actions under the tongue)

When confirmed (we will get in touch with you by email), your request will be executed as a personal delivery.
You will NOT pay in advance. The price of a single Enzoimmune Active unit (oral spray) is USD 28. The cost for delivery is: USD 30. We use PayPal to accept your payment, that should be made ONLY UPON final delivery and you – receiving the order. Tracking number will be provided upon dispatching your order abroad. Have in mind that there is going to be a 10 – 12 days gap between sending abroad and entering your country, the movement of the package will be visible at each point of its way to you.

Best regards,
Enzoimmune Active Sales Dept

The following information concerns ORAL SPRAY form of Enzoimmune Active as an example:

5 weeks application (let us call it 1 cycle): every week in 3 consecutive days (let us say Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday): 3 times a day we do 8 – 10 sprays under the tongue. Wait 1 minute to absorb, not drinking watter or eating food. Not trying to swallow on purpose, though swallowing in not a mistake. After Wednesday we make a pause till coming Monday when we do the same daily application till Wednesday inclusive.

5 weeks have past that way – then we rest for 1 week. In those 5 weeks we had taken 3ml of Enzoimmune Active (SPRAY) a day, 9ml a week, 45ml for the 5 weeks altogether. One bottle of SPRAY is gone. So 6 weeks (with the one week of rest have past) and we then do 2 more cycles of 5 weeks plus 1 week of rest for each cycle.

After 3 full cycles including the rest weeks (18 weeks) we must make a bigger pause: 4 – 6 weeks. 3 full cycles (18 weeks) and we have 3 bottles of SPRAY gone. That is approximately 150ml Enzoimmune Active in its liquid form absorbed. After the bigger pause: 4 – 6 weeks – we may begin again the whole regimen.

Two great cycles a year are recommended, possibly avoiding the summer. There is of course no forbidden season for taking our products.