Information about the long term regimen of Enzoimmune Active

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The following information concerns SPRAY form of Enzoimmune Active as an example:

5 weeks application (let us call it 1 cycle): every week in 3 consecutive days (let us say Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday): 3 times a day we do 8 – 10 sprays under the tongue. Wait 1 minute to absorb, not drinking watter or eating food. Not trying to swallow on purpose, though swallowing in not a mistake. After Wednesday we make a pause till coming Monday when we do the same daily application till Wednesday inclusive.

5 weeks have past that way – then we rest for 1 week. In those 5 weeks we had taken 3ml of Enzoimmune Active (SPRAY) a day, 9ml a week, 45ml for the 5 weeks altogether. One bottle of SPRAY is gone. So 6 weeks (with the one week of rest have past) and we then do 2 more cycles of 5 weeks plus 1 week of rest for each cycle.

After 3 full cycles including the rest weeks (18 weeks) we must make a bigger pause: 4 – 6 weeks. 3 full cycles (18 weeks) and we have 3 bottles of SPRAY gone. That is approximately 150ml Enzoimmune Active in its liquid form absorbed. After the bigger pause: 4 – 6 weeks – we may begin again the whole regimen.

Two great cycles a year are recommended, possibly avoiding the summer. There is of course no forbidden season for taking our products.

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